Thank you for a successful first tour

Sharon @ Hotel CafeSharon’s first mini-tour of the West Coast was a big success. Four of the five shows were either sold out or close to it. Every one of the audiences helped make each night special for Sharon with their rapt attention and enthusiasm. Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new material Sharon played live, she’ll be recording those three songs–“Lucky,” “A Fragile Love,” and “Caffeine”–first and releasing them all at some point as promotional singles prior to her next official solo release slated for spring 2012.

For those of you on the West Coast who missed the shows, Sharon plans to do another West Coast run along with dates on the US East Coast, Canada and Europe next spring and summer in support of her new project.

Again, thank you all for your support of Sharon’s first performances. It was fantastic. Hope to see you all again next year.


  1. Gabriel Drekanpus

    We hope to see you soon at our next event Tonight the Fantasy of Lights will be at the Tempe Town Lake.

  2. Rita Paulino

    Hi there,
    I was just turned on to your concert with Leonard Cohen in London on dvd at a friends house this past weekend..OMG..I ran home and downloaded your album..You are amazingly sensual..I would love to see you,I live 30 minutes outside on NYC on Long you have any concerts planned for NY ever??
    Sure hope so..Ive been sharing your music with everyone:)

    Thanks Rita

  3. Markus Jeschke

    Would love seeing you live in Europe! If you plan to come, please choose Hamburg, Germany as a venue!

    See you in the future, my wife and I love your music, Sharon!

  4. Seattle Fan

    Sharon, I just saw you with LC in Seattle. Your “Alexandra Leaving” brought a tear to my eye. Please bring your solo tour through Seattle next year!

  5. Bon Evans

    Your presence in music is a necessity. Glad you have found an outlet which people can joyfully engage with what you have to express.

    I am happy to support.

    When you performed in Kingston for the Dec 13th, 2012 concert, I was positioned on stage right and had a great view of the show.
    Your talents deserve to be showcased as they were in that show.

    ~Bon Evans

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