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Accolades for Leonard Cohen’s “Ten New Songs”
(Produced & Co-written by Sharon)

“One of 100 Best Albums of the Decade”
— Rolling Stone, December 2009

” After a half-decade on a Zen mountain, this bard of Montreal finds new insight within ordinary junk. The sound is electronica without beats; the lyrics are unfussily profound. The subject? Nothing heavy. Just life and death.” — Ann Powers, New York Times

10 Best Albums of 2001
“3. Ten New Songs: Leonard Cohen (Columbia):
…a quiet stunner…. It includes two of the most seductive songs you’ll hear this year: “In My Secret Life,” about being haunted by romance past, and “The Land of Plenty….”
— David Browne, Entertainment Weekly

Best Albums of 2001
“6. Leonard Cohen: Ten New Songs”
— Eric Alterman, MSNBC

“Ten New Songs manages to sustain loss’s fragile beauty like never before and might just be Cohen’s most exquisite ode yet to the midnight hour.”
— Rolling Stone

“…It is a studio that could be used to record quiet music only at off hours, which is why Cohen worked on monk time. But producer Robinson created such a rich tableau of music and vocals, the record sounds like it was recorded in a cathedral, not this modest backyard aerie…”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“…thanks to Sharon Robinson, who sets Cohen’s charmingly hoarse whisper to cozy electronic pop, he’s never sounded more sensuous. His first new album in nearly a decade, Ten New Songs, has a powerful, hushed intimacy…Grade: A-”
— Entertainment Weekly

“…In the album “Ten New Songs” Cohen again displays the insight and grace that have been his forte since the ’60s when he gave us such hauntingly personal songs as “Bird on a Wire” and “Suzanne.”
— Los Angeles Times

“On this pretty collection of new tunes, Cohen is lyrically sharp… their natural grace and elegance wrap themselves around the listener… the only way to find out how good songs like “That Don’t Make It Junk,” “By the Rivers Dark” and “Love Itself” are is to put your money on the counter.”
— New York Post

“Leonard Cohen returns with a masterpiece of wry romanticism.”
— New York Daily News

“He mentions “You Have Loved Enough” as an example of this subterfuge. It’s a stately processional, not unlike others in the Cohen catalog – except there’s a little bit of R&B swagger in the drum programming, and there’s beautiful solo guitar running underneath, and Cohen’s jagged voice is smoothed over by Robinson’s layered harmonies.”
— Philadelphia Inquirer

“Cohen’s music retains a trademark sensitivity and is given some hope amid the darkness by the gently soulful backing vocals of Sharon Robinson, who also plays most of the instruments and does the computer programming that gives many tracks a haunting, ambient feel.”
— The Boston Globe

“Ten New Songs … an R&B-inflected Zen pop album that, on the surface, is as soothing, sensuous and accessible as a Sade record.
Ms. Robinson wrote “Waiting for the Miracle” and “Everybody Knows” with Mr. Cohen, but her involvement on Ten New Songs is significant. She is credited as Mr. Cohen’s co-writer, as the album’s producer, and with arranging, programming and performing the lion’s share of the synthesizer- and keyboard-dominated music. “This record wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Sharon,” said Mr. Cohen, who included Ms. Robinson on the album’s cover.

Mr. Cohen has never been much for collaboration or sharing the spotlight. But, he said, “Sharon so deeply understands the tone of my own work that she was able to, I think, miraculously produce tracks that fit very harmoniously with the rest of my work.”

And Ms. Robinson’s gorgeous alto adds a cool, creamy counterpoint to the charcoal smudge that Mr. Cohen’s voice has become…”
— The New York Observer

“The album’s tone is one of luxurious solitude. Like a Zen koan, In My Secret Life goes behind the lines of a heart that’s “crowded and cold,” and tries to warm the soul. By the Rivers Dark plays as a slow drip of narcotic confession from the depths of Babylon. And the album’s masterpiece is an ancient-mariner elegy on unrealized love called A Thousand Kisses Deep — a phrase that describes the sea-cave timbre of Cohen’s voice throughout the record. Sinking through uncharted octaves, like a free-diver setting a new record, he finds a register that is low, even for him, a sepulchral rapture of the deep.

Ten New Songs may not be his swan song, but, like Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind, it would do the job nicely, as a coda for a brilliant career.”
— Macleans

“They’re as powerful as any he’s written.”
Grade: A-
— The Villiage Voice

“…In My Secret Life sets the uniform mood, Cohen’s wise, weighty baritone sweetened by Robinson’s soulful cooing, the soft synths and beatbox recalling Springsteen’s Streets Of Philadelphia. There’s little to support Cohen’s claim that Zen has zapped his depression, but this arguably his best record in 20 years.”
— Q Magazine