Sharon Robinson - EP 1

Available now on all major streaming services, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Grammy winner Sharon Robinson’s third solo release and first EP, entitled, “Sharon Robinson EP 1”, will be distributed by Floating World Records, UK. Produced by Keven Brennan, the EP contains four soulful covers that expand on Robinson’s artistic journey as a singer; for the first time recording songs by writers other than herself and her many collaborations with Leonard Cohen.

“After releasing my current solo LP, Caffeine, I wanted to record songs by singers and writers I admired and include them in my next tour. I’d never done that before, but Leonard and others encouraged me to expand my repertoire as a singer beyond my own songs and this EP is the result. It’s been a liberating experience.”

The EP was recorded live in studio at f.Boo Music in Los Angeles. The songs are interpretations of Otis Redding’s “Dock of The Bay”, Eric Clapton’s “Change The World”, Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way it is”, and Tom Waits’ dark ode to the struggle between good and evil, “Way Down in The Hole”, well known as the theme from HBO’s, “The Wire”.