Everybody Knows

Critical praise for EVERYBODY KNOWS, available now on all major streaming services, Apple Music, and Amazon.

“Four Stars. We re talking major talent here. Robinson is a sensuous singer, a real lights-down-low performer who picks up where Sade left off.” -Fred Dellar, Mojo (UK)

“Five Stars. Packs a big emotional punch.” -Andy Gill, The Independent (UK)

“Classy Stuff. With a deliciously insinuating delivery, Robinson pours her voice atop a warm bed of sultry beats, tasteful backing vocals and a sensual, introspective groove”. David Pulizzi, Mojo/The Independent (UK)

”An album that begs to be listened to on a pair of headphones...Fans of her production work on Cohen s past two releases (Ten New Songs and Dear Heather) will love Everybody Knows as it is steeped in the same provocative and seductive blend of easygoing electronic beats. -- Jason Gladu, Popjournalism.ca

“Everybody should know about Sharon Robinson...Endowed with a rich, soulful alto - landing somewhere between Roberta Flack, Cassandra Wilson, and Sade Adu - Robinson breathes immeasurable levels of misty-eyed longing and downhearted reflection into her songs, thus delivering far more than simply a gorgeous voice floating above subtle electronic textures. Fans of the lights-down-low atmospherics and mellow-soul of Zero 7 should find themselves similarly engrossed by this disc.” - Todd Lavoie, San Francisco Bay Guardian --Popjournalism/SF Bay Guardian

”If I could turn you on to one new artist this year it would be Sharon Robinson...Imagine a combination of Sade but with deeper, more expressive voice and Joni Mitchell in her jazzy period, then add the trance-y feel of Everything But The Girl...[and] the lyrical insight and poetic sense of Leonard Cohen...It's smart, accessible and delivered by a gifted, original, and mature artist. It is full of melodies that manage to sound fresh and familiar at the same time and lyrics that perfectly nail the emotions and situations we go through as we gain more experience in life and love.” - Shannon West, Smoothview